About Us

Innovator. Independent. Facts. Data.

Willem Bloem started Sounders Music in 2018 because the current industry seems to focus only on successful stars, which makes it rather difficult for young talents to break through given their limited resources, financial means and knowledge.

This is why we believe there is a strong need for insights and guidance in the creation process (as well as distribution, recording, promotion, etc.), combining your talent and our research to achieve success. In order to do so, we have developed software to test new and existing tracks of artists which allows us to measure the potential of tracks for different target audiences.

Sounders Music is an innovative independent company in the entertainment industry which provides unique data insights together with objective research for the emerging talent. These insights and facts ensure they break through and we guide them along their way to success.


  • Willem Bloem
    Willem BloemFounder
  • Derk-Jan Karrenbeld
    Derk-Jan KarrenbeldTech lead

Advisory Board

  • Peter Kloprogge
    Peter KloproggeAdvisor
  • Taco Zimmerman
    Taco ZimmermanAdvisor

STAK Board

  • Gerhardt Vels
    Gerhardt VelsChairman
  • Rob Jeurissen
    Rob JeurissenVice Chairman