Sounders Music started a study among different music lovers in cooperation with its research partners. As a result, the music preferences of different audiences were charted adding more target audiences every month.

Until then, there was hardly any information available for artists and businesses. A research was conducted to determine the various target groups, which outlined their characteristics in the music industry, including socio-demographic variables, sales, listening and discover areas.

By rating hundreds of music fragments using a large number of representatives, six dominant music styles were discovered. These styles are based on music fragments from all sectors of the music market and chosen from a wide selection of genres.

The result of this research shows six different target groups: Intense, Traditional, Multiple, Relaxed, Faithfull and Danceable. These audience groups can be linked to socio-demographic, sales and listening data, hence discovering the behavior of the application users.

This way you can test your songs in our app to estimate their potential market value and (number of) listeners.

In cooperation with

Market Research Institute GfK

“Our model can estimate the potential value of individual tracks by linking them to target audiences”
Mervin van VeenData analyst, Gfk
Depiction of Mervin van Veen